W-Gear is a unique line of shooting rests, scabbards, and other accessories. They are durable and well suited to field use. W-Gear gets your gun to where it needs to be and helps you set up for the perfect field position once you get there. 100% made in USA!

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W-Gear Claw Bag
The W-GEAR® CLAW BAG is the only rest bag on the planet that offers a 360-degree same-size shooting platform with over 10 inches of surface area to rest your firearm. Because of our unique round (and patent pending) center-driven design, the CLAW BAG utilizes gravity to cause the bag to grip anything you set it on.

Price: $125.00
W-Gear Guardian Scabbard
Synthetic wool lining keeps your gun safe and moisture down, while a polymer center liner keeps the pack rigid for extra protection. The Guardian can be hand-carried, shoulder-slung, or backpack-carried. Standard Guardian fits large specialty pistols, Guardian Jr. fits Contender/Encore pistols and scoped large frame revolvers.

Available in camo or sold. Made to order, so allow 4-6 week lead time.

Price: $130.00
W-Gear Ammo Bracelet
The W-GEAR® Ammo Bracelet gives hunters and shooters quick access to extra rounds in a split second. One size fits all and can be adjusted from a child’s bare wrist, all the way to a giant wearing an insulated winter coat. Made in 5-round vertical carry, 2-round horizontal carry, or 2 round horizontal carry with DOPE card window models.

Price: $18.00
W-Gear Rear Bag
The W-GEAR® Rear Bag has a 6″ x 6″ base and 4.5″ x 4.5″ top which gives excellent squeeze adjustments and a rock-solid base. They are poly bead filled and weigh in at just under 2 pounds.

Price: $26.00
W-Gear Cylinder Rear Bag
Durable, compact rear bag for grip support. Poly bead filled. Weighs in at half a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. End strap for carabiner or rope attachment.

Price: $24.00
W-Gear Ammo Tortilla
The W-GEAR® AMMO TORTILLA is a no noise extra ammo solution for the serious marksman or hunter. When opened by the shooter, the AMMO TORTILLA gives easy access to 10 concealed rifle rounds and is also equipped with a heavy-duty clear vinyl widow that displays the shooter’s data/range card. When it’s time to travel the whole thing folds and then rolls up into the size of a bar of soap and is easily tucked away in your range bag or hunting pack.

Price: $28.00
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