Our Debt-Free Philosophy.

A few years ago, our business was normal. There were credit cards, family loans, and even talk about getting a small business loan. Then Ryan discovered Dave Ramsey and his plan for getting out of debt. Ryan's family was immediately on board and they set to eliminating their personal debt, with the exception of their mortage. A little over a year later they were debt free and it was time to tackle the business debt. A good old debt payoff thermometer was put up on the wall, and within about 8 months, all of the business debt was cleared away - never to return!


Part of this debt-free journey included realizing the stress and anxiety that comes from carrying debt can be a huge burden and blur the vision of the business. This is why we will NEVER use debt in our business again - but what does that mean for you?

Because we will only be using cash to purchase inventory, it can take a while to grow those reserves enough to purchase large amounts of inventory. That means that we have to come up with creative ways to get our products to our customers (like drop shipping). The biggest drawback to this system is not always being able to meet the modern expectation of getting something immediately after ordering it. While we work hard to rush our orders to our customers, we do sometimes have to wait for a product to get to us before we can ship it out. 

Additionally, we are having to do a bit of bootstrapping while we save up to have an e-commerce website built. You see, typical e-commerce builders are not very gun friendly, and it makes it impossible to set up an online store the way we want. On top of that, the turn key e-commerce options for the firearms industry do not fit our vision for this business.

We hope that our passion for this wonderful sport of handgun hunting coupled with our technical expertise and fanatical devotion to our customers makes up for this delay. We are working hard toward the day when we have an awesome online store that is connected to a giant warehouse shipping orders immediately - all built with cash!

If you'd like to know more about our debt free philosophy, Ryan would love to chat with you about it.