Custom Hunting Handguns

Handgun Hunter Supply offers fine hunting handguns built to your specifications or ours. If you want the ultimate in reliability, accuracy, and beauty, an HHS custom hunting handgun is for you. 

Our custom shop is headed up by Jusin McMillan. Justin is a 22 year veteran of the custom gun trade, having worked for some well-known shops such as the US Army Marksmanship Unit, STI, Hill Country Rifles, and Jesse James Firearms Unlimited. Justin is a member of the American Custom Gunmakers Guild and is a master of his craft.

We are accepting commissions for primary and backup hunting revolvers, 1911's, and specialty pistols.       We offer fine guns as well as working field guns.


 If you are interested in a quote for one of our custom guns, please click HERE.

See some of our work.
(Some of the guns pictured here are of Justin's past work at other shops. They are only shown as an example of what we can create)