About Me

The first time I went handgun hunting, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Nothing I've ever done has made me feel as good about myself. I am prone to bouts of anxiety, worry, and stress. When I'm in the woods with a handgun, that all disappears. And it stays gone for a while. I have to share this.


When I prepare game meat that I've harvested with a handgun, from squirrel to venison, and I share it with people, I get true joy from hearing, "This is game?! But it's so good!"  True.  Joy.


I have been a gunsmith and custom gunbuilder for a long time, but when I see a handgun hunting rig, I still get excited. I am transported back to my 14 year old self, seeing the T/C Contender catalog for the first time.  I can smell the pages of "The Custom Revolver" or "Hunting for Handgunners." 

When I take someone on their first handgun hunt, and they see and stalk game, I get charged by their enthusiasm for the sport - even if we don't shoot anything.

If a long-time hunter picks up a handgun, and rediscovers the joy they felt when they first hunted, I am so grateful to have injected their hunting with renewed purpose. 


When I am outdoors and I see God's creation before me, I know that I am being a good steward of his gifts.


When I'm with friends, I am enjoying the bonds being made. 

I have to share this.