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Handgun Hunter Supply specializes in custom handguns.

1911's - Revolvers - Specialty Pistols

We love handguns, and believe that handgun hunting is the most rewarding type of hunting. We focus on building the most accurate, beautiful, and reliable handguns possible. 

To reach your full potential, you must challenge yourself. We believe handgun hunting can be that challenge. ​

But there's a problem...

  • No one provides you with a plan to get started.

  • Typical hunting styles keep you fat and lazy. ​

  • It's hard to know how much or how little gear you need.

  • Getting involved can be intimidating.

  • There's information overload.

  • Handgun hunters are the most under served segment of the hunting community.

We have suspended retail sales at this time.

Because of the unprecedented demand our industry is facing, handgun hunting items have taken a back seat to others. As soon as things settle down and we can get our items from our distributors, we will resume our retail operation. The one exception is that we do have some rear grip pistol stocks. We are still taking custom orders.

"The weight of this package is almost perfect. Very impressed so far."

Chris W. in Oklahoma (Speaking about our specialty pistol stock)

"When Ryan at HHS introduced me to handgun hunting, it completely changed my outlook. Handgun hunting presented me with a challenging and more rewarding way to hunt, and rekindled my love of being back in the woods on the hunt."

Marcus B. - Former USAF Combat Arms Instructor

"I've known Ryan for years. He is truly a friendly expert who is passionate about handgun hunting."

Bill J. - Former US Navy SEAL

Explore the 5 biggest myths of handgun hunting and why they're untrue.

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